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July 2019

July Group Gift
Pick up your GIFT CARD at 7 Deadly s[K]ins mainstore! Don’t forget to have your group tag on! Please read the instructions on how to use the card.


Head on over to get your gifts for this month at 7 Deadly s[K]ins store.

Designer Circle
June 23rd – July 6th

Find Noora light and dark packs as well as a matching, separate bento shape at a new round of Designer Circle.

Sense Event
June 18th – July 8th

New round of Sense Event is underway, where you can get Evadine in lights or darks, and pick up a separate bento shape at this round of Sense Event.

Dubai Event
June 18th – July 10th

Now available at Dubai Event is the lovely Tinsley in light and dark tones as well as a separate bento shape.

◘ Beached Bunny Hunt
July 3rd – 31st

Find the small bucket of beach sand to get this lovely skin & shape! Happy hunting!

Hint: “This girl prefers a winter vacation”


◘ 4th of July GIFT
June 4th

A Independence Day to the Americans! 7DS would like to celebrate with you, and will have this lovely gift on offer for this special day ONLY!


◘ Designer Showcase
July 5th – 28th

At a fresh round of Designer Showcase you’ll find the regal Dutchess in light & dark tones as well as a bento shape.

Mermaid Cove
July 5th – 26th

Be sure to check out Mermaid Cove! You’ll only be able to get Mareike in light and dark packs as well as a separate bento shape there!

July 3rd – 24th

We’re at a new round of Curves! The event for women who have more to love 😉 Snap up Chakra in light or dark tones, and be sure to grab the separate bento shape as well to complete your look.

◘ Sunny Days GIFTS Event
July 6th – 19th

Pick a sunflower each day to get a lovely gift. If you miss a day, you can still pick it up for only 5L each! But be sure to not miss out on this event exclusive.



July 7th – 30th

Be sure to check out Saffraan at AnyBody! You can pick up a light or dark pack, along with a separate bento shape.

July 10th – 30th

In this round of eBento you will find Aquilla in light and dark tones as well as a separate bento shape.

Powder Pack for Genus

◘ Powder Pack for LAQ