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February 2020

February Group Gift

Come pick up the February group gift at 7 Deadly s[K]ins mainstore! Don’t forget to have your group tag on!

Head on over to get your gifts for this month at 7 Deadly s[K]ins store.

Sense Event
January 18th – February 8th

Another round of Sense Event is underway, where you can get Siberia in lights or darks, and pick up a separate bento shape. They are also BOM [Bakes On Mesh] ready!

Dubai Event
January 20th – February 10th

Now available at Dubai Event is the lovely Sigrid in light and dark tones as well as a separate bento shape. And yes, the skins are all BOM [Bakes On Mesh] ready!

Shiny Shabby
January 20th – February 15th

At this round of Shiny Shabby, you will find the fabulous Biork in light & dark tones as well as a bento shape. Each skin box comes with Omega head & body appliers as well as BOM skins.

January 24th – February 20th

You mush check out Frankie now at Crush event with her sweet beauty mark! She comes in dark tone pack and light tone pack. Plus a separate bento shape is available.

◘ Designer Showcase
February 5th – 28th

You can get Svea, BOM ready skin and bento shape, only at this round of Designer Showcase! Each skin box comes with BOM skins as well as Omega head & body appliers. Don’t forget there’s a bento shape available as well.

◘ anyBODY
February 7th – 29th

You don’t want to miss this round of anyBODY. Inkie is making her debut there, with a bento shape and skins available as Omega head & body appliers as well as BOM skins.

◘ Unik
February 7th – 28th

Be unique with Irian, only available at Unik event! Pick up the bento shape along with a set of dark or light skin packs.

Get your look with Omega & BOM ready skins. There are light and dark packs available as well as a bento shape.

◘ Girl’s Heaven Event
February 9th

Designer Circle has ended, but in its place at Girls Heaven, Twaney is available in light and dark toned Omega appliers as well as BOM skins.

February 10th – 29th

Make sure to check out this round of eBENTO. You can find the beautiful Serilda, available as Omega head & body appliers and BOM skins. Plus a lovely bento shape.

◘ Vanity
February 15th – 25th

Get this glam gal at the Vanity event! Just as with all new releases, is also BOM ready and comes with Omega appliers. There is also a beautiful bento shape, sold separately.

◘ Salon 52
February 16th – Mar 8th

Drop by Salon 52 this month to get this cutey, Chile bneto shape and skins. The skins come with Omega head & body appliers as well BOM skins.

◘ Shiny Shabby
February 20th

◘Dubai Event
February 20th