Wanna hear you won 5000L ?

Well you could just by heading over to our Facebook or flickr page and hitting that like/follow button!!

Two people who show their love will be chosen and will receive the 5000L in store credit. Offer ends June so head over today for your chance to win!




Somewhere in my main store is a GOLDEN APPLE to be found
[ example on the poster ] If you find it you can click on it and register yourself for the ” Golden Apple Lottery”

Winner gets: 1000 ld store credit | skin box of choice AND the beautiful June GROUP skin offer APPLE!

Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Hunt ad

I thought it was about time to do a store hunt again!Find the 35 EGGS, complete the text… be the first? YOU * WIN 1000K store credit on top of the eggs content!!!

YES the objects will be hard to find
YES it will be fun!
YES it will be worth it too!
YES there are FAKE items too

You can find 35 egg groups
They are spread out over the sim and they are mixed male /female items

The hunt is ONLY for group members so wear your tag!

– NO sharing location with other people! if you do you will be ejected from the group
– The hunt is for GROUP members ONLY….. but…. group will be FREE to join during the hunt!
– There is no support on the hunt and the items.. all is free and we are all busy so plz do NOT IM us to ask    where the items are, if we can resend, etc


Izara & the 7 Deadly s[K]ins crew
wishing you HAPPY EASTER!

* send a pic of your inventory of ALL the 35 eggs inside and the text in the right order on a NC to Izara to claim the 1000 gift card

Become THE new mister and miss sinner 2017!

Today we will placing contest entering bowls 1 male 1 female
When the bowl is filled we will draw a possible contest winner from it. We will repeat this till March 10 and all the drawn winners will be asked to enter their names into the 2 final contest bowls at a private location.

The final 2 winners will be drawn from the bowls and announced in the store group.

And they are the new mister and miss sinner for a year.

^^^ The winners will be added to the store bloggers group with their own private title.
They will receive EVERY blog box with the NEWEST skins for free for a ENTIRE YEAR!

^^ All the drawn winners will receive a gift card from 1000 ld.

^ Only GROUP members may enter the contest

Good luck everybody  ❤


* Do NOT enter your name in the male bowl if your a female and vice versa if you do your out of the contest
* Do NOT complain about the contest
* If you are NOT a group member anymore when  your name is drawn your out of the contest
* The drawing will be completely random do NOT come to me about resetting the bowl, not getting a entry message or lag issues.

ODIN OMEGA mesh HEAD appliers & BENTO shape

*•.¸♥¸.•*   ODIN OMEGA mesh HEAD appliers & BENTO shape  *•.¸♥¸.•*

After a LOT of request i finally caved and took some time to create the
ODIN OMEGA mesh HEAD appliers and tossed in a BENTO shape as well.


*•.¸♥¸.•*   GOLDEN APPLE GAME  *•.¸♥¸.•*

Find the GOLDEN APPLE in the store
Then click on it and register yourself for the ” Golden Apple Lottery”

——> Selected winner you get 1000 ld STORE CREDIT!

7 Deadly s{K}ins ~ Elec{K}t winner

Hi ladies this round of Elec{K}t winner was JINTE!

Given the number of votes she received she will now be on sale for 50% off!!

Congrats to all our LAQ lovers come pick her up for the discounted price!


7 Deadly s[K]ins -promo-POSTER-Jinte.png


·٠•●♥   ADVENT CALENDAR ·٠•●♥

Get a GIFT each day this ENTIRE december
and enjoy ALL the holiday goodies

ALL new EVENT skins as well!
Today all new MM/mini MM etc items

*•.¸♥¸.•*    FREE GROUP join the ENTIRE month! *•.¸♥¸.•*

Happy Holidays!
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Extended till January 1