Izara Zuta is the owner and creator of 7 Deadly s{K}ins. Using her qualifications and skills in graphic design she creates realistic, high quality skins and shapes for male and female avatars in the virtual world of Secondlife. Her attention to detail in creating individually, beautiful, hand drawn skins is what sets her apart as a skin designer. Izara uses naturally curvy women as inspiration for her designs. She believes, “Women are not Barbie dolls and they should not be plastic like one. They should be real and natural.” And all of her designs are a reflection of this concept.

Izara started working on her designs in November 2012 based on the concept of the 7 deadly sins and 7 heavenly virtues. The store opened in March 2013 and has gradually gained a following with the store group members now close to 60000 and growing everyday. Group members enjoy many benefits such as monthly group gifts, exclusive hunts and many other gift’s throughout the year thanks to Iza’s generosity.

Over the years, Izara has evolved her creative process to keep up with the ever changing world of Second Life. With the introduction of mesh body parts she now creates the most highly detailed appliers for most of the popular meshes for both head and body. Her head to toe omega appliers give ease of use to the customer, whilst always maintaining afford-ability for her customers.

One of the things that sets 7 Deadly s{K}ins apart from other stores in Secondlife is her customer focused staff. Izara and her general manager Tigerlily Ember hire friendly, helpful, enthusiastic people who want to see you walk out smiling and with a happy shopping experience. The staff’s expertise and helpful advice will help you obtain the perfect look tailored to your needs/likes.

7 Deadly s{K}ins is also involved in many events around the grid and the main store is often part of a hunt path. Izara also offers free gifts to new members of Second Life as well as many gifts to other inworld groups such as MAAM, SLF&O, Maitreya gifts and Fabulously Free to name a few. Izara’s natural generosity makes it easy for her to give back in Secondlife.


For more information please visit; Updates on up-coming sales and events, as well as FAQ and staff information.

Thank you for visiting the website, we look forward to seeing you inworld for an enjoyable shopping experience.

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