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♥ 4TH of JULY Skin

♥ 4TH of JULY offer
SKIN & SHAPE for ONLY 50 ld!!!





>>>> what else?


♥♥♥ On the counter of my store i left a happy birthday gift for you all since today is MY birthday in RL.
Its free for EVERYBODY to take so please share the message ❤


♥ DEAL of the DAY [ always at least 70% OFF ]

ALL new MM / mini MM and LL board items!! AND A CAMPING CHAIR!

♥ NEW group GIFT and OFFER ♥

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June Group Gifts are out



♥♥ TAXI ♥♥


eBento started with a lovely Yoga gift and with new Yoga Omega appliers.

So are you going for that awesome look Yoga will give you? A brand new release, which will give you a beautiful soft look, perfectly shaped lips, gorgeous eyes..well you can tell I like Yoga 🙂
Amd I am sure you will fall for her too!

There is a perfect gift too if you join the free eBento group: Yoga in chestnut with freckles.
Yoga is available in darks and lights and a shape to complete the look is available too.


March Group Gifts at 7 Deadly s{K}ins

GROUP GIFTS MARCH [group fee 250 ld]

5 year Anniversary CELEBRATION

SOON: 50K plus group member AND 5 year anniversary CELEBRATION


We are well over 50K group members [ 52411 ]
AND in a few weeks 7DS turns 5 years old!

So its time to celebrate it and i want to combine the 2





♥♥ DEAL of the DAY ♥♥

TP to the store to see what skin is on the board and
for ONLY 99 ld this beauty is YOURS deal of day.png