Halloween Hunt

>> > > Trick or Treat store HUNT [ GROUP ONLY ]
[read the hunt info BEFORE you start the hunt]

[ smack the STORE CREDIT terminal at the FEMALE side of the store ]


In the TRICK or TREAT hunt and for sale in the store!



New Mystery Box!

Hello sinners!

How big of a 7 Deadly s[K]ins fan are you?

How about each month you can join a special group where i will send out a mystery box?

>> What will be in the box?

– 5 brand new skin boxes released that same month you signed up for
– 1 skin box that will NOT be SOLD in the store or anywhere! but will be a exclusive
JUST for the Mystery Box receivers.
>> How does it work?

– Join this group:

7 Deadly s[K]ins Events

This is NOT FREE! The cost is 2500ld per month.
[ 6 times 899 for a new skin box = 5394ld so your saving is: 2894ld ]

– Each month on the 16th the box will be send out in the event group

– Each 1th of the month the group will be emptied again.

>> Will i know what is inside the box?
No! That is the mystery!

Izara Zuta

NOTE: this is a 3 month try out first!7DS Mystery Box

Big News and Current Events

NOW IN THE STORE!… 3 NEW skin tone’s POSTER-skin-tones-2017.png
and the first skin box with the NEW skin tone DEW for sale.


Be sure to check out all the CURRENT EVENTS:

KELLY @ 68 Main

ANOUSHKA @ eBENTO (thru Sept 30th)



LAVENDER @ Designer Circle (thru Sept 16th)

SEAGULL @ Suicide Dollz (thru Sept 14th)

LEMON @ anyBODY (thru Sept 15th)

ARNICA @ Chapter Four (thru Sept 30th)


Check the latest notice for all the details AND for a sneak peek at upcoming events!!

Events News

>>>> NEW SKIN for [GA.EG] Barbara Bento Mesh Head <<<<

Contains: OMEGA mesh head and body appliers in 7 skin tones with and without eyebrows

Try before you buy.

Also available: ANISE Shape c/m


GROUP: secondlife:///app/group/18e33f5d-dbbe-295c-52a8-9e05930bbfef/about [ SPECIAL RATE: 100 LD – till September 1 2017 ]

Available August 5th @ The Designer Showcase

Cosmetic fair: August Round / 15th

Gothic Garage Sale-  All items 50% Off (NEW ITEM)

eBENTO Event August, 15th


For the classic skin lovers

For the Aloha Fair

7 Deadly s{K}ins ~ Definitely Lucky

Who says Friday the 13th is unlucky? NOT us.

Ladies you can currently grab Vlinder for a low 10L per box!

Seems she has done her time and is now heading for retirement so come take advantage!

But hurry offer ends soon, you can find her up on the second floor.