GUYS…. you can pick up a FREE shape for the [AK] LEON head!


HAVE YOU SEEN Aspen at Good Vibes yet???

What did you say? You haven’t seen her yet?
And Aspen is so lovely, you really should not miss out on her.

The Good Vibes event runs till June 29th here and you can find this gorgeous Aspen there in several versions, along with a shape to create this perfect look.

Aspen has that radiant look, elegant yet naughty and daring. She enchants you and whispers sweet nothings in your ear. She is just the essence of a woman but still a little girl.

Go meet her before she is gone on June 29th!



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FEATURED! Precious Penny at the Designer Circle!

That precious Penny with her irresistible little nose and her beautiful eyes, with those rosy cheeks and that sweet smile…you can find her at the #179 round of the Designer Circle here

She has that innocent Girl Next Door look, which is so deceiving.

She is waiting for you in dark & light tones for just 199 L$.

To finish this sweet look you can also get the matching Penny shape.

Don’t miss out on her, this round runs till June 9th.