events and where they are.

Meet the Gorgeous Serika

Serika…she is enticing. A beautiful velvet skin, subtle blush and beautiful eyes.
Heads will turn when you are using this gorgeous skin applier.
You can find this beauty at the anyBODY event for just 2 more days, till September 30th!
Here is your limo to the anyBODY event






Pick up your September Group Gifts

Octobers group GIFT will be store credit!

***************** ♥♥ SPECIAL GIFTS ♥♥ *****************

Group gift for you MGSN group members!!

Group gift for you FABFREE group members!!

Group gift for you MAAM group members!!

Group gift for you SLF&O group members!!

Group gift for you MGSN group members!!

New Mystery Box!

Hello sinners!

How big of a 7 Deadly s[K]ins fan are you?

How about each month you can join a special group where i will send out a mystery box?

>> What will be in the box?

– 5 brand new skin boxes released that same month you signed up for
– 1 skin box that will NOT be SOLD in the store or anywhere! but will be a exclusive
JUST for the Mystery Box receivers.
>> How does it work?

– Join this group:

7 Deadly s[K]ins Events

This is NOT FREE! The cost is 2500ld per month.
[ 6 times 899 for a new skin box = 5394ld so your saving is: 2894ld ]

– Each month on the 16th the box will be send out in the event group

– Each 1th of the month the group will be emptied again.

>> Will i know what is inside the box?
No! That is the mystery!

Izara Zuta

NOTE: this is a 3 month try out first!7DS Mystery Box

Big News and Current Events

NOW IN THE STORE!… 3 NEW skin tone’s POSTER-skin-tones-2017.png
and the first skin box with the NEW skin tone DEW for sale.


Be sure to check out all the CURRENT EVENTS:

KELLY @ 68 Main

ANOUSHKA @ eBENTO (thru Sept 30th)



LAVENDER @ Designer Circle (thru Sept 16th)

SEAGULL @ Suicide Dollz (thru Sept 14th)

LEMON @ anyBODY (thru Sept 15th)

ARNICA @ Chapter Four (thru Sept 30th)


Check the latest notice for all the details AND for a sneak peek at upcoming events!!

Oh to Look as sweet as Sugar!

Some days you just want to look sweet, even if it is only the LOOK…sweet as Sugar maybe?
Sugar has that summer look with a gorgeous sweet blush.
The look is completed with a matching shape, and you can find all, skin appliers and shape at the Applique till September 7th here:



Kiss Me Kate



Kate is a hidden gem…a feisty sexy Omega skin applier in gorgeous skin tones which gives you that little edge.
She has that sexy look with that touch of innocence that you just can’t resist!

So if you want to meet Kate and try her DEMOs, you will have to go to the eBento event here before August 31st.

And don’t forget to pick your apple a day! Perfect gifts for males and females each day. Wear your group tag to get the gifts!