Author: izarazuta

Saturday Sale: Sookie

For the first Saturday Sale of the month we have Sookie with 14 skin tones to choose from – each only 70L. There’s also a separate bento shape for the same price!


Wicked Wednesday: Miss Behave

Specially marked down at least 50% off, this week we have Miss Behave freckled pack for 150L and the shape for 100L! Don’t miss this great deal. Check out upstairs what other store have on sale on the WW sale rack.

Easter Hunt @ 7DS

There’s an Easter Hunt going on at the store! From April 15th – 25th, find 9 eggs to put in your basket and crack the golden egg to win 1 of 3 random prizes! But watch out for rotten eggs! If you find one of these, you will lose one of your normal eggs in your basket.

Grab a basket and please read the instructions. Happy hunting!

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