December Advent INFO

December is right around the corner, and that means the annual ADVENT event will begin!

But first, in order to ensure that everyone can enjoy the wonderful gifts on offer for the month of December, please insure you have become familiar with the following rules and guidelines.


Dear customers,

First of all let me start by wishing you all amazing holidays!

The Advent calender in store contain daily gifts for men & woman. The Advent is located in the womens department between the MM boards.

This is how the Advent Calendar works:

Each day you will see one gift box on the tree with hover text saying “Come get your present!”
This is the current day’s gift. To get your gift, simply right click and pay the box 1L, don’t worry you will be automatically refunded the amount on receipt of your gift.

You will notice future days gifts with hover text saying “A present is coming!”. This gift is not yet active and therefore you cannot access it yet.

Previous gifts will be shown with hover text ” You’re a little late, but you can still get your gift for 99L”. This is your second chance to get previous gifts at a heavily reduced price. The vendor will ask you to pay 99L. Once you pay this it will send you the gift box

The gifts will open around MIDNIGHT SLT each day.

– GIFTS will be randomly put into the boxes. The advent poster is RANDOM!
– Inside each box are male and female gifts.
– NO refunds on the gift boxes you buy for 99 ld [-redelivery ONLY with the refund/redelivery NC-]
– When the 24 hours have passed they have PASSED… no matter the explain you have.
– NO complaints about the gifts. [-complain and get a instant BAN-]
– We will not answer questions about the box contents.
– NO posting the content info from the gifts in the store group
– GROUP join during the Advent event is 1000 ld. This is a TEMPORARY group fee.
– NO bothering Izara or the staff about the Advent Calender

– There will be NO catching up days this year so if you missed a day it will NOT be FREE another day
– There will be NO surprice FREE GROUP days. so make sure your in the group NOW.

– The gifts on the floor by the advent will be available ONLY during the weekends and will be for EVERYBODY
We hope you have an enjoyable Christmas and enjoy your gifts from 7 Deadly s{K}ins.

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