You have asked for it and we have listened s{K}inners!.

For all of you that love your system based avatar or maybe your just not ready to commit to mesh yet. Maybe you just love the individuality your system head gives you then Classic Tuesday is for you!

Starting January 10th we will run a bi-weekly event focusing on system based skins.  Each 2 weeks a NEW system skin will be released and on offer for a very special price.

Classic Tuesday’s skin will be available on the first floor when it begins and we are very excited to bring you this sales event and hope those who asked are equally excited.

Also starting January, how would you like to be in control of what goes up for sale? We will hand the reigns over to you to decide what you want to save on! Sounds cryptic? Stay tuned more details in the new year.

Till than have a wonderful holidays and stay safe.

❤ The 7 Deadly Team

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