March 13 7 Deadly s{K}ins will be 1 year old!

March 13 7 Deadly s{K}ins will be 1 year old! I say that is a great reason to have a HUGE celebration!
For this i planned a 13 days count down event…

Day 1: Start with GOLDEN apple game
Day 2: New SKIN in apple tree MALE (24 hours)
Day 3: Find FREE the giftcard
Day 4: First person that finds the hidden cross wins 4 min FREE SHOPPING*
Day 5: Make up boxes for 50ld (24 hours)
Day 6: New SKIN in the apple tree WOMAN (24 hours)
Day 7: Skin pack of the 7 skinlines 50% off (24 hours)
Day 8: ALL group GIFTS ever up for grab
Day 9: Start with 5 days NO group FEE
Day 10: Salesroom 13 skins for 100ld each (24 hours)
Day 11: Auction of a box with every male skin GROUP* only!
Day 12: Auction of a box with every woman skin GROUP* only!

Day 13: FREE goodiebag & event skin (24 hours) GROUP only! *
                AND we will find out who is the winner of the photo contest to become miss or mister sinner of 2014!
                This person will get free skins the ENTIRE year long! The contest started February 13 and to enter it you 
                will have to pay a fee of 500 linden… people can vote on your picture for 25ld per vote!

Go to the store and click the day boxes in the store on the second floor for details

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