Introducing 7 Deadly S{K}ins

New Skin Designer on the Grid- Izara Zuta


Izara Zuta is has been in Second Life for some time now, and lucky for us,  recently has decided to venture into the marketing world. Just a short time ago, Ms. Zuta opened her new store, 7 Deadly S{K}ins and began the launch of her line of the Seven Sins Skins.  Ms. Zuta says that the new store was inspired by her love of art history, design, and myths . She also states that she wanted her skins to represent some of her own personality and show a combination of class and playfulness and i have to state that she does succeed with this.   While fresh to selling her work in Second Life, she has been a designer in real life for over 14 years now and has attended art school.

Her artistic talents shine through in her skin offerings to us.


7 Deadly S{K}ins made a special Easter skin that is up at the main store for 550 L$.

The box contains 2 skins, Lola appliers and Lola Easter Egg Pasties.

During the Easter days starting Saturday

This Easter package will be in the store for the insane price of 200 L$!

Do NOT miss out on this!


This weekend: Envy B1 / T3 with Lola Tango appliers

for 500 L$ instead of 800 L$!



7 Deadly S{K}ins is seeking dedicated bloggers, willing to promote the brand in a positive light.

High quality images are a must.





With so many skin designers now inworld, it is important for one to be able to set themselves apart from the others.  Izara says she does this by focusing not only on the face but paying just as much attention to the body.  She offers 12 body options and  all of her make ups as tattoo layers, along with shapes sold separately, giving the opportunity to mix and match for a great price and high quality.  She says she aspires to make women feel “sexy, secure and real” because “women have real curves and flaws…they are not Barbie dolls.” Along with the several body types, many skin tones are offered , from drow and pale gothy to quite dark.  Now available as well are  appliers for Lolas, so those of you preferring that bustier  look are not left out.

Her love for art and history are also driving forces in her Izara’s  current plans for her store are to complete the 7 Sins skins and then start with the 7 Virtues. As of this writing, Sloth, Envy and Lust are available, with Vanity due up next.   The  first Vanity skin is actually now out at the Skin Fair with the rest to follow. I can’t wait to see the rest of the line and am more than intrigued to see the Virtues. Ms. Zuta did mention the possibility of a line of men’s skins forthcoming after her current works are complete, although she is not entirely sure yet.  As for the Sins and Virtues skins, they should be being released every few weeks since her sketches are done, and she is concentrating on polishing them.

7 Deadly S{k}ins is located on the Scarlite sim.  It is easily maneuverable and the vendors are large enough to see clearly, with demos available of course. In keeping with the Sins and Virtues theme, there is a lucky apple tree in place of the normal chairs or boards…with a few apples spawning every few minutes.  There is also often a promotion skin available, and monthly group gifts for those that join. You will note a guest book also, which Izara encourages the use of.  She loves comments, ideas and feedback from people.  you should definitely do yourself a favor and visit the store, look around and try some demos, grab a lucky apple if you can and join in the hunts in which she is participating.

Here is a direct link to the store…

and she can be found on Marketplace as well at .

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